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Love At First Sight In Romeo And Juliet - With A Free Essay Review

“If you truly love me, I’ll send someone to you tomorrow. Give them a time and place for our marriage and we will be together forever.” This is a line from an adaption from the play “Romeo and Juliet”. That line was said the night they met. Do you think that this is a believable scenario? My essay will give reasons why their love story is not believable.

The first reason their love would not work is their families. Both of the characters lived in rich families who hated each other. Romeo was a Montague while Juliet was a Capulet. An example of their hate is when some of the Capulet’s were walking down the street and the Montague’s approached them and a fight broke out. Imagine if the families knew about their marriage, there is no way the marriage would work considering how much Shakespeare told of the families hate for each other. Also Juliet’s dad arranged for her to marry Paris. How would she get out of marrying him?

Secondly, Juliet is younger than me (thirteen) and Romeo is presumably around seventeen. Would that make sense to get married? I could not see myself marrying someone right now, especially someone four years younger than me or four years older! The reasons why this love story wouldn’t happen just keep piling up.

Another reason it wouldn’t work is that they got married in three days! How can you meet someone in one day and instantly want to marry them? I understand love at first sight but remember their families hated each other. I don’t see how they can hate everyone else in the others families but instantly love each other

In conclusion Romeo and Juliet’s love story is not believable because of how quickly it happened, their age differences, and their families hated each other.



I am not sure that you are making an argument here that needs to be made. Everything you say is more or less true, and more or less obvious. Perhaps for Shakespeare's audience the age difference between the two young lovers would not have been such a compelling issue as it is for you, but it is true that the two families hold a grudge that threatens to destroy the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, and it is true that feelings of love between the two young people are aroused in very short order.

These last two truths offer us different ways of thinking about the relationship.

On the one hand, the conflict between the families represents an obstacle to the relationship, and an obstacle of a kind that we tend to think (if we are romantic enough) that love or, perhaps one should say, LOVE ought to conquer. It represents, at least, the kind of conflict that we (romantics) would hope love would conquer. In the play, of course, our hopes are dashed. The lovers, in their gothic and grotesque efforts to escape together, end up dead, and their death is seen as a consequence of the enmity between the two families. The play encourages us to think that something wonderful or pure or beautiful is destroyed as a result of a pointless and reasonless grudge.

On the other hand, to come back to your other objection to the relationship, there is certainly something ridiculous about the love affair. You focus on the fact that Romeo and Juliet fall in love instantly and are more or less immediately ready to commit to marriage. In most cases, that would really not be such a big deal. Love at first sight happens all the time in plays and novels and we just need to put up with it. In this case, however, Shakespeare does portray the lovers as absurd. Romeo's expression of his passion in the balcony scene is especially grotesque. He employs the most egregiously silly and hackneyed tropes of love poetry.

So to say, as you do, that the love that develops between Romeo and Juliet is a bit unbelievable is to say something that the play itself insists upon. I think if you want to write a good essay about the silliness of the lover affair, however, you need to do more than cite the bare facts of the case (how quickly they fell in love, how young Juliet is, and so on). What you need to do is cite the actual lines in the play in which the silliness of the love affair is revealed. (Again, the balcony scene would be a good place to start).

Ultimately, however, I think you need also to acknowledge that the love, however childish, is real enough for the characters involved, and, again, however childish, is more valuable within the play than the hatred that destroyed it.

Best, EJ.

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Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is a phrase that often refers to when, two people fall deeply in love when they just meet. But, how can you fall in love with a person that you dont haehardly know? All that you may know about this person is what they look like, or maybe their personal backround or past. For many reasons this is why I'm arguing agianst the possibility for love at first sight.

I do believe that somewhere out there, there is somebody that could be your soulmate, but I just can't see how you can love somebody that you dont know. As Juliet says when she finds out Romeo kills Tybalt, "Oh serpant heart hid with a flowering face." Anybody can pretend to be somebody there arnt deep down inside, to win over affection or just to be liked. Eventually that person will show their "true colors"

I think that love at first sight is a fairy tail.

How many people do you hear about that actually fall in love and get married soon after that and then live happiliy for the rest of their life? I think that you fall in love with a person moreeach and each and every day as you get to know them better. Love is like a peice of dirty laundry that is tosed around like it has no meaning, until its lost all value it ever had when a person said it. People shouldnt tell people that they love them unless they really truley mean it.

All of the reasons i have stated are my opinions that support I dont believe in love at first sight.

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