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The following links provide information about our church body, our beliefs and our schools:

Christ Alone has doctrinal affiliation with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), together with over 1,300 congregations throughout the world.
WhatAboutJesus.com is designed to help searchers understand the Bible through articles and interactive Bible studies.
Streams, WELS' internet media database, provides access to videos, podcasts, live events and more from across our church body.
Essay File, maintained by the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Library, is an online collection of essays, papers and multimedia resources on theological topics.
Northwestern Publishing House (NPH) is our church body's publishing house for Christian literature, Bible studies, artwork and music.

Welcome to the WLS Digital Library (WLSDL). The WLSDL collects, preserves, and distributes digital theological materials. Among the repositories hosted by the WLSDL are the WLS Essay File and the WLS World Seminary Library. Subscribe the our RSS feed to receive notification when our repositories are updated.

Communities in WLSDL

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  • Race and the Lutheran Pastor 

    Discussions about race and power structures permeate today’s society. Because of their sensitive and sometimes controversial nature, these discussions are often avoided in the Christian church. Recently, however, scholars ...
  • The Role of Apologetics in Witnessing to Mormons 

    Over the last two years, Apologia Church, led by reformed pastor and apologist Jeff Durbin, has posted a number of videos on YouTube of Durbin witnessing to Latter-Day Saints on the streets of Tempe, AZ. Thousands of people ...

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