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AIDS-Infected Orphans Essay

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The epidemic of HIV has affected another epidemic, Orphans. The UN says that in 2010 there will be about 53.1million orphans and more than 15 million will be because their one or both parents died from HIV/AIDS (orphans in Africa project). In 2008, around 430,000 children under the age of 14 were infected with HIV (Queiroz, Africa a continent of orphans). Children that are abandoned by their parents become are emotionally traumatized. (AIDS orphans) This creates a problem with their psychological state. (AIDS orphans) Another reason why children has psychological problems after the death of their parent is because in school kids might taunt or harass them (Children orphaned from AIDS) Why a psychological can effect orphans lives is that…show more content…

Lastly children should be either given up for adoption or sent to orphanage.
A reasonable way to try to solve the problem of orphans affected by AIDS is to stay with the status quo, what the world is try to do right now. There are international organizations such as UNICEF and Save the Children Fund, to help AIDS-affected orphans. In Uganda, there is an organization called Uweso that gives emergency material support and vocational training for orphans (Children orphaned from AIDS). In Côte d'Ivoire, the International Catholic Child Bureau helps orphans in foster homes and gives training and assistance (Children orphaned from AIDS). Also in Kenya and Tanzania, the African Development Foundation funds farm projects and secondary education, and housing for AIDS-affects families. With so many projects it would seem that AIDS-affected orphans would not be a problem. But with such projects are not carried out on the scale that is needed (Children orphaned from AIDS). Most programs only help less than a hundred children at one time. In countries like Thailand, Uganda and Zambia where there are hundreds of thousands of children that are affected. There is also an organization called SOS children’s villages. SOS helps children with try to prevent HIV to be spread. They support orphan households and households where there are terminally-ill parents (AIDS Orphans in Africa). They give care to the most helpless children, and make

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I had the honour to work for the Stephen Lewis Foundation to document the impact of HIV/AIDS on communities and individuals in sub-Saharan Africa; specifically on women, orphans, and grandmothers.

In the spring of 2006 I journeyed with a small documentary crew through urban and rural South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda, to visit some of the grassroots organizations SLF supports. Seventy-two hours of dense material, in eight African languages, has since been developed into three half-hour films; a trilogy that gives voice to those who are sick, dying, and resiliently surviving in the face of the AIDS pandemic. As part of this unforgettable and life-changing assignment, I took over 500 photographs, both in black and white and colour.

[This] sequence of images represents the spectrum I witnessed; one that revealed itself in every moment: poverty, human suffering, gender inequality, and overwhelming injustice combined with unimaginable strength of character, intense beauty, and a glowing spirit of generosity.

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