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Even though you have an exam next week, you just can’t concentrate on studying; you quickly doze off or get lost in thought. Managing your study space better might be the answer. Designate a study-only area in your room or home, and with the right furnishings, some planning, and a personal touch, you will create a studying paradise that will help you improve your results. Use these 5 tips to organize your study space better.

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1. Personalize the space

Decorate the space to motivate you. Put up photos and posters that will give you the “push” when you feel like giving up. Depending on your personality, opt for positive or negative motivators. It can be a photo of an exotic destination where you hope to travel after you pass the final exam, or the last essay you failed. Add your favorite colors, keeping in mind the psychological properties of colors, or play with scented candles and essential oils.

2. Organize

Organize study materials in separate binders by course or subject. Mark them clearly so you don’t waste time searching through all of them every time. Organize your computer files as well, and use descriptive names. Use a bulletin board, cork tiles, and wall calendar to post notes and assignments. Organizing your time is as important as organizing your materials, so consider placing a clock on your desk, but make sure it does not produce the annoying ticking sound.

3. Make yourself comfortable

It is crucial, though, not to make yourself too comfortable as you don’t want to fall asleep. Therefore, your bed is not the best option. Think of your study room as your home office, and apply some office design rules. Find a desk and chair that allow good posture. The desk top should rest somewhere above your waist, and your feet should rest flat on the ground while you’re sitting.

If natural light is not available, use a desk lamp. Place it on the opposite side from your writing hand. You might want to consider facing away from the window, as staring out the window can be tempting.

4. Eliminate distractions

Tidy up your study space before each study session. Excess clutter will make you feel overwhelmed and you don’t need unnecessary distractions. Detach from your phone. If you are using the phone as a studying tool (e.g. as a calculator) put it in airplane mode and silence it. Block out any distracting noises by playing your own background music. Experiment to see what suits you the most. It can be rain sound, classical music, or white noise.

5. Keep things at hand

Have all studying materials and supplies close at hand to avoid getting up from the desk too often. If you don’t have enough space on the desktop, keep the supplies and books you use regularly on the shelf above it, or in the top drawer.

Try different tactics to see what helps you the most. Just don’t spend too much time setting up, spend it on effective studying.

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What Is Motivation According To Writing Paper Website

Motivation is extremely important thing in our lives. People often talk about it but rarely can explain what does it mean. So, to make this notion clear we should say that motivation embraces all actions and thoughts that stimulate us to become better or boost improvement in all spheres of our life.

Nowadays on the Internet you can find numerous videos of how to motivate yourself as well as how to get academic assignment help. Motivation for students is greatly important. Sometimes students give up. They lose hope and stop studying. You know that any education program demands time and strength. Students must be super endurable to overcome all surprises that educational system makes. Usually, students get a bulk of home assignments. They get nervous and stressful. In such terrible conditions it is so hard to study well. For this reason, students need motivation.

Motivation may seem to someone as a glass of fresh water. It is necessary when physical ability to study runs low and a student needs more than someone’s words about perspective future.

See, studying is indeed difficult. Students have to complete numerous tasks. Motivation can help in writing a narrative essay.

Students gain educational degrees to obtain an excellent job. It turns into a dream. But when things go back to studying, it becomes too exhausting. Students search for motivation.

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Top 10 Ways To Get Motivated. Rules For Students

1. Creating of an ideal study space. Make sure it is tidy and well organized. Also, it should have some motivational quotes. It is essential condition and significant issue because it has a psychological impact. Find inspirational ideas on the Internet or wait until we will make an essay about it. The easiest way to surround yourself with motivational phrases is to write them on flash cards.

Your studying environment must be comfortable, so you feel like you want sit down and get your work done.

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2. Reading books about self-help and organization. This point is no less important. Such books have been written for purpose. They inspire and motivate students to get working. For instance, check “The Life Plan” by Shannon Kennedy. This book will help you find out what do you want and how to get it. It is extremely important especially for students. This book and other motivation literature will help students be more productive. You will learn how to do everything in a short period of time.

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3. Writing down all your to-dos. What does it mean? These are all things you have to prepare or make. Usually it takes 5 or 10 minutes on their performance. Get them off the way.

Often, the list of tasks is so big that students do not know where to start. A person puts it off. The best way to manage it is to write all things that you have to do. This habit will help you not procrastinate.  You will be able to focus on the most important points from the list and will do it right away.

4. Making of study appointments. Your school planner must become the closest friend. Schedule all your homework. First, find out what you must do and when you must perform each task. If there are too many writing assignments, you can ask us to help you. Here you can get academic essay writing services.

5. Listening to calm music works when a student lacks not only motivation or inspiration but calmness. Stress prevents students from success and calm music can fix it. It has an influence on one’s mood. Music helps to concentrate while studying. Sometimes students even read books or perform homework assignments with music. Even if you do not listen to classical music, switch it on. It possesses unbelievably positive effect on a person. Do all this to become more productive.

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6. Goal setting is another point that boosts inspiration to study and perform all assignments in time. If you do not have goals for this week or next month, it would be great to think about it and set particular aims. Write down your short-term goals: to improve your grades, to know some subject better, other things that you want accomplish, or to be more organized.

7. The next tip concerns only those students whose friends are disciplined and productive. It sounds like this: studying in a group. We have already mentioned in our previous papers about this item. Studying in a group may be productive only in case of self-discipline and self-organization of each member. The same thing happens to writers who make papers for English writing websites. It can be very motivational. You teach each other and contribute much to a common welfare. So, if you study by your own, you can change it. Choose a couple of friends and go with them to the library or stay at your class to help each other.

8. Positive words play a huge role in our lives. They can motivate a student to believe in his/her ability to become a successful person. Self-confidence can be maintained by self-talk. Forget about such words as “I cannot do this”, “I am too lazy”, or “I will surely fail it”. Vanish all these negative thoughts and replace them with positive self-talk: “I know I can do this!”

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9. Almost each time when we are talking about some mental work, we remind our clients about its main helper which is sport. Stand up and get some fresh air. You have to exercise every day. When you are sitting down long hours, your body becomes restless. Even a 15-minute walk can give you enough motivation to complete all assignments.

10. Start your studying with the tasks you enjoy. It can be anything. Write those positive messages on your flash cards. Also, look at your homework assignments. Maybe you have something not difficult but interesting like drawing of a diagram. Start with it.

You need to follow these tips. These are smart hacks to get motivated. We do not overestimate the significance of motivation in students’ lives.

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