Siegel 1988 Critical Thinking

The Journal of Educational Thought (JET) / Revue de la Pensée Éducative

Description: The Journal of Educational Thought promotes speculative, critical, and historical research concerning the theory and practice of education in a variety of areas including administration, comparative education, curriculum, educational communication, evaluation, instructional methodology, intercultural education, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. The Journal is international in scope and qualitative in nature. It serves a broad readership: specialists in the areas mentioned, scholars, and the public in general.

La Revue de la pensée Éducative a pour but de promouvoir la recherche fondamentale, critique et historique autour des questions que soulève la théorie ou la pratique de l'éducation, dans les domaines tels que l'administration scolaire, l'éducation comparée, la programmation, la communication, l'évaluation, la didactique, l'éducation interculturelle, la philosophie, la psychologie et la sociologie de l'éducation. La Revue, d'envergure internationale, dessert un large éventail de lectuers: spécialistes, chercheurs, profanes.

Coverage: 1967-2015 (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 48, No. 3)

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ISSN: 00220701

Subjects: Education, Social Sciences

Collections: Arts & Sciences XII Collection

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