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“I went to the internet to find information onnutritional tools...” “Research on useful resources by surfing theinternet and going to the library to find out more about the high calcium dishes and information that is related to my mind map.” 

You only used the internet? How about othersources of research?Be more specific on the type of websites orbooks you are going to research on.

2.1 Research and Development

“Research is the process of critical thinking and problem solving. It is this ability that sets humans apart from all other living things. Research is simply the use of the human mind to search for and seek answers or, as some would say, to search for the “truth”.Humans have always been seeking and searching. And that is what research is all about, searching. To search and search again and again. That is why it is called re-search.” 


Harry K. Wong

“We do not treat all of the information which we constantly receive in everyday life as being of equal value, but reject most of it as being of little or no value, and critically question much of the rest. What we choose to retain in our memories for futureapplication will typically be in summary form.” 


Blaxter, Hughes and Tights

Problem :

What do I want to know?

The Research ProcessPrediction :

What do I think is the right answer?

Procedure :

How will I solve the problem?

Data :

What will I look for?

Conclusion :

What do the results tell me?You should:


never copy work from the internet wholesale but paraphrase (

change sentence structures, replace wordsand give references to where you obtain the line from). We know when it is a CUT AND PASTE as it will show no linkage and expansion of you own ideas. Try us.2.

Use different types of research methods to look for indirect

(books, internet, CD roms, DVDS, Videos)


(conduct surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and analysizng results)




It is important that you are able to explain your research project in simple, everyday terms. You need tobe able to make the “strange – familiar”, as well as, at other times, the “familiar – strange”. There will notbe many people who will understand, or want to understand, what exactly you are doing.4.

Test out your survey questions on some people first so that they can tell you if they understood them. If they are unable to understand them, chances are that you will get the wrong data from your targetaudience.

Hmm sorry for the late reply.
When is your coursework due? SEAB's website says august, i remember in 2008 i was rushing at this point in time already.

Jacalyn: I don't not have any coursework for topics on fats and oil. Which part of this do you need help in?

"Preparing mealsusing a variety of cooking methods can produce varied and interestingresults.Illustrate this statement with a selection of nutritious,sweet and savoury dishes to serve at a buffet for your teenage friends"

Your teacher said cannot be too easy or else wont get high marks. I believe she is trying to say if you do it to easily (eg only one or two cooking method), you wont get high marks. This is because the question specifies that you need to use a variety of cooking methods.

Task Analysis

Task Analysis HIGH marking scheme states:

  • dentifies majority of the key factors and

    provides a comprehensive and relevant list

    of related factors with sufficient elaboration

  • Sets clear priorities for the task question

  • hows clear understanding of the task



Majority of the key factors are highlighted in red.
Prepare meals: from how u cut the ingredients to cooking

Cutting of ingredients - How many methods are there? Dicing, artistic carvings, slanted slicings etc etc

VAriety - What is the defiinition of variety? Many? A lot? More than 3? etc

Cooking of ingredients - How many methods are there? Double boiling, boiling, stirfry, microwave, baking, stew, dip in egg then fry, steam already then fry, etc etc.

Varied and interesting results - What are the outcomes when u used the above result? Eg. if u bbq something, the outside will char a little. If you bake a cake, the outside becomes brown because of the sugar?
Making it interesting and lots of variety: Steaming + Deep fry + stir fry + bbq + double boiling + etc etc will give many different texture.

Nutritious: Means what? many vitamin, got enough fats, water etc

Sweet: Include sugar in your recipe? But not too much cos bad for health(use the health promotion board table)
Savoury:How to make it savoury? Look colourful, smell nice?

Buffet: Means during the exam u must cook alot? Or only one serving? Must check with your teacher.
Usually what dish is served at buffet? Maybe you can take some buffet menu and include in your research, from there choose what u want to cook.

Priorities for task questions. What is the priorities apart from completing coursework on time, research on key factors, identify research areas. It is to appeal to the teenage audience? Demonstrate many cooking methods?

Show clear understanding. Means you need to let them know u what they want. They say prepare meals using varied cooking methods, means u cannot just use 1 cooking method. Varied and interesting results means u must make it interesting, cannot just cook maggi noodle put there


Marking schemes says u need to be:
1. very thorough when u research the factor u identified,
2. must use many sources, can summarise info,
3. interact effectively with relevant information gathered(Maybe they mean u need to compare and contrast, or u can combine two information together to get better result?
4. show that what u research is relavent to task question. Means what ever you researched, u must have a way to link it back to the question.


Identify all the methods and then research. Eg. carving of food while preparing meals. How it is done.
What is boiling, how is boiling done, what result will it yield.
WHat is frying, how it it done, what result will it yield, what is pro and cons, will it cause the teenage audience to feel boring? How to improve so that this methods will help you achieve what the question wants.


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