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Many clients ask, “Will my customers know that I am factoring?” The short answer is yes. Factoring is not completely transparent to your customers; they will know that you are financing your invoices. The factoring company will not necessarily be calling them constantly, but they will know about the relationship. The first communication between your client and the finance company happens through the Notice of Assignment document.

The Notice of Assignment (NOA)

Each company has its own version of this document, but they all generally serve the same purpose. The letter lets your clients know a few important points:

  1. A factoring (finance) company is managing your receivables
  2. The finance company has a financial right over the factored receivables
  3. There is a new payment address – usually a bank lock box
  4. Other legal matters that vary by company

From the perspective of the factoring company, this letter is very important. As you know, in an invoice factoring transaction you sell the intangible financial rights to your receivables. Since receivables are not physical goods, the Notice of Assignment allows the factoring company to notify your customers that the financial rights to the invoice have been sold to them.

Obviously, some clients have concerns about sending this letter to a customer. To ensure that this process goes seamlessly, most finance companies require you to participate actively in this process.

An Alternative

There is a form of financing called non-notification factoring that does not require that your clients get a notice of assignment. However, this type of factoring can only be used by larger companies that meet certain size and stability criteria.

Get more information

Are you looking for a factoring quote? We are a leading factoring company and can provide high advances at low rates. For information, please call (877) 300 3258.

Note: The Notice of Assignment document and your factoring contracts are very important documents. Have a lawyer review and explain them to you to ensure you understand them. This article is not intended as legal advice.

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